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Lather Lounge & Blow-Out Services

Begin your journey of relaxation

Our Lather Lounge & Blow-Out Bar is fully equipped to give you a unique, relaxing experience.

You can choose a no-frills blow-out or begin your journey with a 5 minute scalp massage using essential oils followed by a luxurious trip the the Lather Lounge where you’ll experience peace and tranquility.

Slide through our Lather Lounge menu to find the service that’s right for you!

#1 "Just a blow-out"

Want to get in and get out? This is for you. No frills, no scalp massage but a style that’ll last for days.

Includes wash and blowout.


30 min – $20

#2 "Just a blow-out - PLUS"

Like the name implies, but Includes a little extra time for extra thick or extra long hair.

You know who you are.


45 min – $25

#3 "Need a little pampering"

Enjoy our signature aroma therapy scalp massage, lux shampoo, condition and blowout.


45 min – $30

#4 "TLC"

Have you been hard on your hair? Does it need a little extra love? The TLC is perfect for you. Let your stylist custom blend a treatment especially for your hair needs. Relax with our signature aroma therapy scalp massage, shampoo, customized treatment, and blowout.
Treatments we choose from are specifically for volume, shine, restorative properties, color longevity, and to revive
Tired locks.

We’ll help you chose.


45 min – $40

#5 "Ultimate Lather"

Let us sooth your troubles away with our ultimate Lather lounge experience. This ones just a little extra…of everything.

Start with our signature aroma therapy scalp and neck massage, but extra (10min), move on the a lux shampoo experience with extra attention on the deep condition, finish off with our ‘last for days’ blow-out.


60 min – $45

#6 "Save the hair"

This treatment is for those with angry or upset hair. Whether it’s from heat, over processing, natural elements or just plain mistreatment. We can help bring it back to life.

Includes our signature aroma therapy scalp massage, clarifying shampoo, our choice of bonder, and a blowout.


60 min – $50

Blow-Out Bar Add-ons

Add a hot tool style to any of our services:

Beach waves

Smooth and sleek

Steamed towel

Paraffin wax



Think of Modesta Salons as having PH.D in hair!

We can save your hair from a wide range of color mishaps.*

You’re in trustworthy hands as our colorists restore your hair to its optimum color and vibrancy with expertise and precision.

*A consultation is required for this service.